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(ConnecXians is simply connecting existing evangelical believers to sow seeds and to reap the already ripe and prepared harvest fields, and then to further connect the new labors who come out of the harvest fields back to their families, communities and homelands.  This is the broadest level of our strategy.  It includes abundant sowing of the Gospel; developing prayer warriors and prayer networks; use of volunteers, short & long term laborers from existing harvest forces; and making immediate application and use of new laborers who come out of the harvest fields.  A laborer broadly defined is any person who believes Jesus to be their Lord and Savior, and chooses to follow His ways, His commands, and His examples.  Following Jesus example means in part that each laborer has been obedient to take Jesus' baptism and has become an active member of a local body of other baptized believers.  To learn more click on this link.)


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Last modified: March 07, 2006