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Prayer Walking
Oikos Evangelism
Bible Study

Our methods are very, very simple and highly reproductive.  In fact if the local peoples can not reproduce it, then we do not want to introduce it.  

Luke 10 Prayer Walking Teams

It is our goal that all of our labors point towards one thing - to see healthy churches planted that in turn plant other new churches.  We are not satisfied with mere evangelism, praying, etc.  These activities need to result in seeing a church planted in the places where they are going on and among the peoples that they are focusing on.  We believe that God wants to save families and communities, not merely individuals.  When a new believer outside of the network of existing churches joins the family we believe that it is God's desire and intention to draw family members and friends of this new believer as well.  We want to see a new church planted in that new believer's home or community.  Why, because the gates of hell cannot prevail against the church.  When a church is planted among an extended family and/or in a community then Satan no longer will have a stronghold on that place.  These new churches would the be lights dispelling the darkness that cannot be blown out.  This is what Luke 10 Prayer Walking is about - how to pray while walking and discover these persons and homes of peace - just as the early disciples did in Luke 10:1-12.


Bible Storying

God's Word is more than 50% stories.  So by learning to tell the stories from the Bible we are actually putting to memory a great portion of God's word, and we are memorizing God's Word in context.  Plus it is much easier to memorize stories than individual Scripture references.  This make this approach good for both Literate and Oral Learners.  Each time a story is taught the hearers are to tell it back, discuss its meaning, make personal applications, and then go out and tell it to other groups and persons.


Obedience Bible Studies

Many people study God's Word daily, but most do so for the attainment of head knowledge and/or a deeper understanding of God.  Sure we make personal applications when God's word really speaks to us, but we often do it on a personal level, not sharing it with a body of believers who will lovingly and genuinely hold us accountable.  The purpose of Obedience Bible Studies is not merely to increase our knowledge, but to require of us that we make good personal applications each time we study God's Word.  The studies are very simple to facilitate and are done in small groups who meet back regularly for the next study.  When they meet back they will also hold each other accountable, encourage and correct when needed for the lasts study's applications and any ongoing applications.  "Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says"  James 1:22 (NIV).  This may seem difficult if not impossible to do this by oneself, but we believe that in the context of true spiritual community it can and does happen.  In the fellowship of believers who know you, love you, want to see you become more like Christ and are willing to apply accountability regularly and loving discipline when needed - this type of New Testament house to house communities can and do exist.

Research & Mapping
The Scriptures say "We have not, because we ask not."  Someone else has said, "We ask not, because we care not."  And someone else has concluded, "We care not, because we see not."  As part of our strategy we want to continually be gathering and interpreting research of the harvest fields we are working in.  We also want to discover what other Great Commission harvest force laborers are doing and where and with whom.  




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Last modified: March 07, 2006