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What is the hope of this web site?  Connecting the global resource of Great Commission Christians to the Global Harvest Fields so that we might see all the peoples of the earth being confronted with the love and claims of the Gospel upon their lives; that in our life times Matthew 24:14 would come to past and the earthly return of our Lord and Savior would become our honor and joy to witness.



Our Mission

Our Mission is to see churches planted which by their very nature seek to plant other reproducing churches.  Our Strategy is four-fold -- ConnecXians, GeneraXians, AcXians and CelebraXians.  Each of these 4 elements along with the catalytic role of the Holy Spirit forms the spokes around Jesus our hub.  The rubber that hits the road is the actual simple multiplying churches, which are the fruits of our labor and the work of our Savior.  And the sole source of power that causes this wheel to move forward has been given to Jesus by the Father to build His church and expand His Father's Kingdom.  All glory belongs to our God and Father who has made himself known to us through His Word (the Bible), His Son, His Spirit, and His Church (true spiritual communities of believers) - for which we are eternally thankful and for ever in His debt - this debt only being magnified by the cost of His love for us - His Son hanging on a tree in our place as payment for our sins.



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Please introduce yourself.  If you find the content of these pages to be in line with what you feel God is leading you to be about, and you would like to learn more or become more active, then send an e-mail to the address provided.  In the e-mail give a brief introduction of yourself or organization -- who you are, where you are from, what you do and how you came to know about this web site.

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E-mail us at: mailbox@connecxians.com


Send mail to mailbox@connecxians.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: March 07, 2006